Lluniau Tempest/ Tempest photos

I’r sawl ohonoch wnaeth archebu llun o’ch plentyn/ plant trwy ap yr ysgol, bydd sampl o’r llun yn cael ei anfon adref gyda’ch plentyn yfory. Er mwyn archebu llun, bydd angen i chi fynd i wefan Tempest (gweler y linc isod) ac yna nodi’r rhif cyfeirnod sydd ar y sampl. Mae’n rhaid archebu a talu’n uniongyrchol trwy wefan Tempest. Rhaid anfon yr archebion erbyn y 19eg o Dachwedd fan bellaf. 
For those of you who booked through the app to have a photograph of your child/ children, a proof of the photo will be sent home tomorrow. To order a photo, you will need to visit www.tempest-orders.co.uk, and enter a reference number which is on the proof. All orders and payments are made directly through Tempest and it is not possible to order through the school. All orders must be placed by the 19th of November.  
School Photography – Tempest Photography is the UK’s most popular company for portrait and group photography specialising in babies, early years, schools, graduation, teamwork and the military.