Flu vaccination reminder

**A reminder that the consent forms needs to be filled in by 12pm 17.11.23​​**

The immunisation team will visit school on 20.11.23 to offer pupils a nasal spray flu vaccine. Forms received after this date may result in your child not receiving their immunisation on the day.

The NHS recommends that your child has a flu vaccination every year.

Please follow the link below to complete the consent form by 12pm 17.11.23


Dear parent or guardian,

It’s very important to protect your child from flu to make sure they stay as healthy as possible,

as both COVID-19 and flu are likely to circulate this winter. The best flu vaccine for most children is a nasal spray. This is the vaccine that will be given on the day.

We have included flu vaccination information and a consent form with this letter. To help make sure the vaccine is suitable for your child, and they don’t miss out, please take time to read the information and then complete online before the planned vaccination date.

If you want more information about flu vaccination for children, please contact the immunisation team, or visit: phw.nhs.wales/fluvaccine or click on the PDF attachments.


Please keep this letter as it contains the date of the vaccination session and contact details.

Yours faithfully,

Immunisation Team


After you have returned the consent form, please contact the immunisation team on 03000 858599 before the vaccination session if:


·         there are any changes to your child’s health, or

·         their asthma medication is increased, or

·         they are prescribed oral steroids, or

·         they become wheezy.